Indian MSCs Working Abroad

There are nine Indian MSCs out of 49 Indian MSC priests who are presently working abroad. They are present countries like USA, Paraguay, France, Italy and Japan.


There are two currently working in United States of America. Fr. Sagayraj and Fr. Pushpadosan. Fr. Sagayraj is working as an assistant parish priest of Fr. Pushpadosan is helping as an assistant parish priest at first overseas mission of our congregation at St. Antony’s Church, Watertown.


The MSC mission in Paraguay was pioneered by our Spanish Province. As the Spanish began the Mission in Paraguay, they needed personnel support and they reached out to us. Right now there are three Indian MSC priests working there: Fr. Jaya Kumar MSC, Fr. Antony Prem Kumar MSC and Fr. Raghu Victor. One of the challenges these Indian MSCs working there is to get use to the culture and language. They have been learning Spanish.


It is a great privilege for our the Indian MSC to work at the very place where our society originated. Fr. Martin Sagai Raj MSC and Fr. Sebastian Rayappan MSC are in Issoudon, France. They have been spending time learning French since they arrived there last year. If few months time the will be able to start helping at the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Basilica, Issoudon, France.


Japan is a region of the Australian Province. Though the Japan region was begun by the Australian Province, they needed personnel support from other provinces. Already other province members from Philippines and Indonesia have been already working. In 2015, Fr. Arun John MSC accepted to offer to work in Japan. Japanese is definitely the one of the most difficult languages to learn. Fr. Arun has been working hard to learn Japanese. Once he completes the basic levels of Japanese, he will be able to help in one of our parishes in Nagoya.