Heart of Jesus society is a legal entity of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The congregation was founded by a young and empathetic young French priest, Jules Chevalier, in the small town of Issoudun. He had a profound and life-changing experience of God’s love for him during his seminary training that gave him an inspiration to spread the compassionate, intimate and merciful love of God through a group of men dedicated to heal the social and spiritual illness of his time. He saw this compassionate love of God symbolized in the heart of Jesus pierced on Calvary.

Jules at the age of thirty gathered a group of like-minded priests together to form a community of men who wanted to share the experience of love of God to people not only in France but all over the world under the protection of Mary, to whom he gave the title "Our Lady of the Sacred Heart".

The small group of men who were touched by the love of God saw their mission beyond indifferent, secularized and egoistical France. They were convinced God’s love was the panacea to what he called “le mal modern” (the evils of his time), and went about vitalizing the faith in rural and religiously indifferent town of Issoudun, 250 Km south of Paris.

Due to growing hostility and religious persecution the young Congregation was officially forced to flee from France for a period of time, although Fr. Chevalier remained in Issoudun as Parish Priest, holding the centre of an increasingly dispersed group of men. These years of great difficulty became the opportunity to expand the mission further afar and establish a presence of MSC in other countries in Europe, in the USA, Canada and Australia and accept its first “mission” to the Pacific Islands of Micronesia and Melanesia in 1881.

In 1985 a community was established in Bangalore to conduct the works of the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to help people in diverse ways to be expressions of God’s love in a religious India irrespective of caste, class, creed or culture:

  • To provide, support and administer social centers and other charitable, social and religious work for the poor and unimportant youth who are not cared by parents and their family.
  • To support and promote the advancement of educational activities especially in rural India where governmental supports are insufficient to meet the needs of the very poor.
  • To hold and conduct classes, lectures, conferences, seminars and competitions and to award scholarships, diplomas and certificates to enhance the skills of people to be effective in the world.
  • To establish, conduct and maintain educational institutions like rescue homes, welfare organizations and libraries for the development of literacy and to train and equip young men and women for self-employment.
  • To train members of the congregation to fulfill the above objectives so that they can be dedicated men for the cause of the society and the country at large.

"We are inspired by the same gift our Founder received. In our communion as brothers, we live our faith in the compassionate love of the Lord; at the same time, we are sent into the world to proclaim the Good News of the love and kindness of God our saviour and to bear witness to it in the whole of our lives." MSC Constitutions, No 4.